Avanti Ceylon Teapot 750ml


Enjoy a relaxing tea in this elegant 4 cup teapot by Avanti, made with heat resistant Borosilicate Glass allowing for brewing up to 160°C.


• 4 Cup
• Finest quality 18/8 stainless steel infuser
• Constructed from heat resistant Borosilicate Glass – allows for brewing up to 160°C
• Removable fine mesh tea leaf infuser – perfect for easy cleaning
• High-polished mirror finish

Spoon one teaspoon of tea per person and one for the pot into the tea infuser. Fill the tea pot with boiling water by pouring through the infuser. For optimum results never use reboiled or stale water. Leave pot to brew for a few minutes to allow time for the tea to release its rich full-bodied flavor. Serve tea within ten minutes of it reaching the brew strength desired.