Pu-erh Mini Tuo Cha


Pu-erh Mini Tuo Cha has a light mouth feel, rich in the cup with sweet flavour notes. It has long been valued in eastern medicine as essential in assisting in weight loss and digestion.

Select grade Pu-erh are compressed into small bird’s nest shapes and individually wrapped. ‘Tuo Cha’ refers to its shape. This tea is produced at very high altitudes of up to 2200-2400m above sea level. Approximately 24 cakes per 100g.

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High altitudes (up to 220-2400m above sea level).


Black tea.


Recommended For
A brew for all afternoon or evenings.

How To Prepare
Use one per teapot. Boiling water 100 deg Celsius. Preheat teapot and discard water. Place cake in teapot and pour in a small amount of boiling water then discard water after several seconds to warm the tea leaf. Pour boiling water over the Pu-erh cake. First brewing – one minute.  Second brewing and onwards – for a few seconds only.  You can brew the same piece of Mini Tuo Pu-erh cake up to eight times.


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